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The terms and conditions below only apply to online orders. Before placing an order online, clients must accept these terms and conditions. They will be asked to accept these specific terms and conditions whenever they place an order, failing which the transaction cannot be completed. By placing an order, all clients are therefore assumed to have understood and accepted the terms and conditions below, without any reservations. We categorically do not accept any clause appearing in any documents belonging to our clients, and our general or special terms and conditions will always prevail.

We reserve the right to change and/or add to these provisions at any time without prior notice for future orders. (date of writing: 22/04/2016)

Client Identity and Details

The Client must fill in the form provided accurately, including the information required for identification purposes, and in particular their surname, first names and postal address. The Client must also provide their email address and a password of their choice that is unique to them and confidential, which will be needed to sign in to the website afterwards. The Client accepts that entering these two items is proof of their identity and implies their agreement to these terms and conditions for online sales.

This information may be used subsequently exclusively for our own use to send you our special offers and keep you informed of changes in our business. (More details about this below: Privacy protection with regard to handling personal information)

Validity of notifications between the parties

Only the following email addresses will be considered valid for communication between the parties:

• As far as the Client is concerned: the email address that you will have provided in your purchase order.

• As far as we the company is concerned: the following email address: info@mon-pave.fr

Products and Samples

The Client can find out about the different products available for sale on our website and is free to sign in to and browse the site. If you would like and need further information about them, please submit a request for information via the ‘form’ in the ‘contact’ section before finalizing any order.

The Client can order samples of items. These samples, including postage and packaging, are provided free of charge.

If we feel that there is any abuse in the ordering of these samples (for example: an excessive or repeated request), we reserve the right to refuse any request without this refusal being considered to be abusive in any way.

Recording the order and procedure

If the Client would like to place an order, they need to choose the items in which they are interested and express this interest by clicking on ‘Add to basket’. The Client can at any time: – get a summary of the Products selected by clicking on ‘View Basket’, – correct any errors in the order by clicking on ‘delete’ or ‘edit’ or ‘return to basket’; the Client cannot change the order after clicking on ‘confirm order’.

Once the Client has clicked on ‘Confirm Order’, they have authorized the order and the order is recorded. The Client cannot correct any mistakes they have made in the order. The Client becomes the Purchaser. The purchase order will be saved in our records in a reliable, long-term format, and will be considered to be proof of the contractual relationship between the Parties. The contract will then be archived electronically and can only be used by us.

You will then receive an email acknowledging receipt of the order and confirming that it is being processed as well as summarizing its main elements. A second email will be sent to you once your order has been produced and prepared, at which point the parties will be irrevocably bound (see section on withdrawing orders).

Basket sent to your contractor

Once their basket has been confirmed, the Client can send it by email to their contractor for them to approve and follow it up.

This does not bind the Client. No order is placed in these circumstances. The Client has sole responsibility for their contractor following this up.

Confirmation/Withdrawal of the Order and Cancellation

Slabs are produced once the order has been recorded according to its specific features. Items will be loaded on pallets according to your order. The price depends on the cost of the materials when the order is placed, the quantities ordered, the distance and the delivery address. Any subsequent change to these elements might result in a change in the price.

For these specific reasons, you can only withdraw your order by emailing us before the date and time of our email to you confirming that production is complete. If you do this, the total amount you have paid will be refunded in full.

After this email confirming production, you are irrevocably bound to take delivery and no longer have the option to withdraw your order.

If, however, you want to cancel the order after the date and time at which this email has been sent, you will owe us compensation equivalent to 15% of the value of the order including VAT if it is cancelled before the haulier collects the items, and 50% of the value of the order including VAT if it is cancelled after the haulier collects the items.

The total amount paid will be refunded after this amount has been deducted.

This same compensation of 15% will apply if we cancel the order ourselves, apart from in the event of force majeure, as required by law.


Prices are given in Euros and include VAT. They are determined by the type of product and depending on quantities and include delivery and transport costs, which are calculated by the company according to the distance and delivery address.

They are guaranteed to stay the same as those calculated by the ‘Calculate price’ tool when the order is recorded. However, if, due to an error in the system, the incorrect price has been calculated and submitted, this will be brought to the Client’s attention as quickly as possible and the correct price given to confirm their agreement to the new price before any items are produced or dispatched.

Any increase in the VAT rate or any new tax that might be introduced between the time the order is placed and its delivery will be owed by the Client.

The VAT rate applied may also be adjusted according to the Client’s tax position or that of the delivery destination in accordance with the law.

Promotional code

If the Client has been given a ‘Promotional Code’ from the company giving them a discount, they will provide the ‘Promotional Code’ shown on the offer received before clicking on ‘confirm order’. If this code is not given, the offer cannot be applied to this order.

Each promotional code can only be used once and must be used before the expiry date given in the offer.


Online orders can only be paid for in accordance with the procedure described on the website. Every order must be paid for in advance.

For any request for a different payment method, you will need to contact the company directly, but in this case, the order will not be an online sale subject to any specific relevant legislation.

The company’s usual terms and conditions will therefore apply and will be provided on request.

Delivery methods

As the price is calculated including transport, items can only be delivered to the destination provided in the order.

Any change requested by the Client must be subject to a new calculation of the price and the payment of the additional amount before the items are delivered.

The haulier will contact the Client directly to inform them of the probable time and date of delivery.

The Client has sole responsibility for the delivery destination and confirms that the company is entitled to deliver to this address and that there are no particular risks at this location.

The delivery destination must be easily accessible. This accessibility will be assessed by the haulier, who may decide to leave the items on the roadside if deemed necessary.

The Client is responsible for any increase in price due to their absence at the agreed delivery time.

Delivery deadlines

Our delivery deadlines are provided as a guide. A delay to these deadlines or the fulfilment of an order can under no circumstances incur any damages or compensation. Any instance of force majeure releases us from any liability. Examples of force majeure include: strikes, riots, bad weather, shortages of materials or means of transport, fires, machinery breakdown, supplier delays, and unintentional organizational problems within the company.


Any complaints of any kind whatsoever must be expressed and submitted to us within eight days of delivery, by email. After this time, they will not be taken into consideration.


Photographs, illustrations and associated text appearing on the site do not imply any contractual or legal guarantee of any kind.

Please refer to the explanations that we provide about our products on the pages of our website.

Above and beyond the statutory guarantee against hidden defects (art. 1649 bis et seq. of the Civil Code), goods sold are covered by a total guarantee lasting two years starting on the delivery date, which includes their replacement if necessary. The Client must send back the faulty goods to our premises at their own cost and risk so that they can be replaced at our convenience.

Any guarantee is strictly limited to replacement, to the exclusion of any other compensation, and including in particular the cost of labour incurred by the defects and the transport costs.

Any work on goods without our agreement releases us from any guarantee.

Any replacement does not renew the initial duration of the guarantee.

Any defects or damage caused by improper use, water, storms, any disaster, oxidation, fall or impact, negligence or poor maintenance is not covered by the guarantee.

This is a natural product and may differ slightly from the sample provided.

We do not provide any guarantee for the efflorescence that may appear.

Limitation of liability

If, by virtue of a legal or contractual provision, our company is not in a position to release itself from its liability, this liability will in all circumstances be limited to the damage resulting directly from the defect, and as a result, predictable when the contract is taken out and limited to the value of the order. We do not accept any responsibility for losses of earnings, damage resulting from losses in the broader sense of the word and/or any other direct or indirect damage of any kind whatsoever. We can under no circumstances be held responsible for damage that is not inherent to the product and/or for non-conceptual faults that results from an external cause, totally outside our company, whether or not the Client is at fault.

The Client is responsible for the correct use and maintenance of the items supplied, in accordance with the instructions and recommendations provided.

We will not be held liable if the items supplied do not fulfil the Client’s needs as they are outside the scope of the contract.

Once the items have been delivered, we will not be liable to pay any compensation for accidents suffered by individuals, damage to property, loss of earnings or any other damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use of our products.

As far as the laying of products is concerned, we recommend taking the whole delivery to the building site and mixing the pallets. We do not accept any responsibility in relation to this laying, even if we do respond to requests for advice made by your contractor.

Privacy protection with regard to handling personal information

Privacy protection

Intellectual property

All brands, texts, comments, work, illustrations and images, whether visual or audio, reproduced on the INTERBLOCS website are protected by copyright, trademark, patent and image right laws. They are the exclusive property of INTERBLOCS. Any reproduction or representation in full or in part constitutes forgery for which its author might be held liable. Publishing a hypertext link to the INTERBLOCS website, using the so-called framing or deep linking technique, is strictly prohibited. The total or partial reproduction of the INTERBLOCS catalogue is strictly prohibited. INTERBLOCS has taken the utmost care in the creation and production of this website. However, the company does not accept any responsibility for any incorrect information. INTERBLOCS can change the information present on the website at any time without any notice whatsoever. INTERBLOCS takes the greatest care to prevent viruses.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In relation to the private consumer, these terms and conditions only apply insofar as they comply with section VI of the new Belgian code on economic law, which came into force on 31 May 2014 in accordance with European law. Under no circumstances does INTERBLOCS guarantee compliance with local legislation applicable to the Client when they access the website from another country.

If one provision is null and void, this does not mean that the rest of the terms and conditions are also null and void.

Any dispute directly or indirectly connected to these terms and conditions and in particular to their interpretation, fulfilment or validity is subject to Belgian law.

This agreement is assumed to have been established on our premises, which implies that it is subject to the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts in the district in which our registered offices are based.

In the event of a dispute, the parties will attempt to find an amicable solution before taking any legal action. If the two parties agree, they may seek mediation, including in particular via the European mediation service (http://ec.europa.eu/odr/).